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Welcome to Aera

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This presentation is not an advertisement, invitation or offer to any person to apply for, subscribe for, or buy any securities or financial products. Further materials (including any required disclosures) may be provided to eligible investors in due course.

A new era of business has arrived just in time.

$30 trillion in global wealth will transfer from baby boomers to millennials, who cite social impact as fundamental to business by the year 2030.

Technology is reshaping the world we live in. Entrepreneurs are creating meaningful social impact while building material financial wealth.

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." -Victor Hugo

Aera is an entirely new kind of venture fund.

We are a catalyst for a new era of early stage ventures defined by both purpose and profit.

We believe that purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive. Aera’s mission is to catalyse a global community of investors, advisors and families accelerating entrepreneurs to be the best in the world and best for the world.

Purpose drives profit.

Profit drives purpose.

Our approach creates a thriving relationship between economic and social forces.


We back diverse founders with scalable technology and early traction targeting large markets in developed-countries.


We are connecting entrepreneurs to a purpose-driven community that will set them up for success at every step.


We approach our investments with the goal to optimise ambitious returns and maximize social impact.

It’s time for the venture world to commit to an explicit link between money and meaning.

So we created a new kind of term sheet to underpin our financial investment.

With a new set of expectations between entrepreneurs and investors.

Introducing the Aera Terms

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  • Embed Social Purpose

    Ensure that a venture’s social mission is embodied in their lifeblood.

    Measure Social Impact

    Identify, integrate and assess the one key metric that drives the most substantial impact.

    Pay it Forward

    Require entrepreneurs to commit a portion of their success to society.
    Download and adopt the Aera Terms here.

    We are building a unique investment network that spans the globe.

    Like-minded investors, venture partners, advisors, scouts and ambassadors in key global locations.

    Our team has a presence in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Bangkok, Auckland and New York supported by a progressive, socially conscious ‘family of families’ seeking to back purpose-driven start-ups

    Portfolio companies include Kinvolved (New York), News Deeply (Hong Kong), Goodworld (Washington, DC), B The Change Media (Kansas), Eat My Lunch (Auckland), Maths Pathway (Melbourne).

    What we look for

    Investment Location
    Primarily North America and Asia-Pacific
    Seed and Series A
    Founders and Diverse Team
    We invest in outstanding people committed to building material businesses with meaningful social impact
    Scalable Technology
    The “engine” that drives the business must be scalable across a target market large enough to build a venture that is exciting to entrepreneurs and investors alike
    Early Traction
    We invest beyond an idea. Ideally there are early users and some revenue
    Other Characteristics
    Capable of receiving grants or philanthropic funding alongside VC funding (not a prerequisite)

    The pursuit of a better world makes better investment opportunities possible.

    Join us
    • Derek Handley Founding Partner, New York - Social entrepreneur. Founder of Aera Foundation, multiple digital companies and non-profit leadership group The B Team

    • Keenan Kwok Partner, Hong Kong - Active investor across South East Asia, co-founder of Getlinks, manufacturing and electronics entrepreneur, formerly M&A and corporate finance with Deutsche Bank

    • Nick Winstone Partner, Auckland - Formerly Director at Northington Partners and CIT, lawyer at Buddle Findlay. M&A, capital raising, private equity

    • Anna-Marie Wascher Venture Partner New York
    • Ronan Lehane Advisor, Melbourne
    • Hubert Tose Advisor, Hong Kong
    • Get in touch: hello@aera.vc